Eglise Adventiste Du Septieme Jour Bethanie De Toronto


Our history:

Bethanie church was organized in 2010*(formerly Toronto Haitian SDA)
And we are located at 3817 Lawrence Av East


In harmony with the word of God, Seventh-day-Adventists see the climax of God’s plan the restoration of all his creation to complete harmony with his will and righteousness.

Eglise Adventiste du 7e jour Béthanie de Toronto has a special Story.

There wasn’t any Haitian Seven day Adventist in Toronto, all the Haitians were scattered in diverse anglophone churches, until a member decided to contact few others and he came up with an idea to form a group were they could worship in their own language. Everyone took the idea with an open arm. Their first meeting started, on January 2, 2010 (Saturday).

 The first meeting was held  at one of the member’s house with an amount of 22 people which was located at 82 Tapscott Avenue Scarborough Ontario. Where we spent a month at that location.  We had to move to someone else’s house, we only had one Sabbath at that members house which was February 6, 2010, we were moved multiple times, our next location was the Apostolic Church Located at 2250 Midland Av Scarborough Ontario After 4 Sabbaths We were forced to go to another location  again and the location was 71 Howden Road Scarborough Ontario, Church of God of Prophecy.

 After a month we left the Church of God of Prophecy, and go to 3817 Lawrence Av East in April 3, 2010 Since we are still worshiping in that location. We were a group in October 24,  2014 we were accepted as church by the Ontario conference of Seven day Adventist
Well so we went through a lot of trials, thank God  this year make us spend 10 years together 1st Sabbath 2010 to 1st Sabbath 2020
It has been 10 years since we fought together, but thank God, we will stay strong  until the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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